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John Paul Caponigro
Open Studio | New Work 2015
August 1-2, 2015

Be among the first to see new works from artist John Paul Caponigro’s classic series Alignment, where lines drawn into natural environments draw the viewer into closer alignment with nature. Ranging from petroglyphs to walking paths, a variety of pan-cultural interactions with land are celebrated. Made on five continents – Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Antarctica – they offer a truly global perspective. Environmental art in virtual space, these altered images are land art produced without altering the land. The artist’s visionary landscapes drawn from and for the mind’s eye heighten our physical, emotional and spiritual connections to nature.

Also on display are a wide variety of related studies including drawings, paintings, iPhone sketches, appropriated satellite imagery, time-lapse videos and more.

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Two Generations

PhoPa Gallery, Portland, Maine
Jun 25, 2014-Aug 2, 2014

Maine Media Gallery, Rockport, Maine
Aug 6, 2014-Aug 30, 2014

Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia
Sept 27, 2014-March 2015

The works of father and son Paul Caponigro and John Paul Caponigro are featured in the photographic exhibit "Two Generations".  Over twenty images by each artist highlight the two careers of this family of artists.

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New Work
Caponigro Arts, Cushing, Maine
Aug 2-3, 2014

This years Annual Exhibit unveils new highlights from John Paul’s recent international travels. 

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Reed Fine Art Gallery
University of Maine at Presque Isle
Oct 20- Nov 29, 2014

This exhibit presents a sampling of John Paul’s work from his many trips to Antarctica.

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Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia
Sept 27, 2014-March 2015

 John Paul’s Process exhibit displays many aspects of this artist’s creative process. 

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