Our Team

At Caponigro Arts we're all photographers with our own creative lives and unique sensibilities, so it's likely we not only speak your language but also share similar passions. We each have areas of expertise.


John Paul Caponigro, CEO

John Paul delivers the content - images, writing, lectures, seminars, workshops, and consulting.

If you want to discuss obtaining customized content not found on this site ask for John Paul.


Arduina Caponigro, CFO

Ardie assists all in-house printing, teaches, and manages all internal systems (hardware, networks, software).

She loves all things technical, which you would never know by the dreamy, timeless quality of her personal work.

If you've got a technical question ask for Ardie.

View Arduina's website here:  www.acaponigro.com


Charles Townsend Adams, Technical Director

Charles assists all in-studio workshops, manages both print and digital archives, and shares in-house printing with Ardie.

CT finds photographic inspiration along the Maine coastline and also works creatively in audio and video.

If you have a technical or creative question ask for CT.

View CT's website here: www.charlesadamsphoto.com

We're also versatile, so if one team member isn't available, another may be able to help you.

We want to hear from you. You can contact any member of our team. Simply email their initials at johnpaulcaponigro.com.