I've been called upon to speak about my work many times.
Here's a selection of what I've shared.

Contributing- Maine Radio 2017

Printing My Legacy - Epson 2016

Printing - Epson 2011

Color - X-Rite 2011

The Coast Of Maine - 2011

NIK Radio by Scott Sheppard, 2010

Digital Photo Pro - Black and White Printing by David Willis, 2007

Adobe Photoshop & the Art of Photography by Steve Weinrebe, 2007

AfterCapture by Paul Slaughter, 2007

Center for Photographic Art by Jim Kasson, 2006

Edible Coastal Maine by Merrill Williams, 2006

Digital Photo Pro One on One by John Paul Caponigro, 2005

Photographers Forum by Ken Lassiter, 2001

Mamiya Website by Ray Vitiello, 2001

Computer Foto by Inas Fayed, 2000

Photo by Fabio Amodeo, 2000

PC Photo by Graeme Fordyce, 1999

Camera Arts by Sean Kernan, 1999