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Nocturne XII

Finding a Voice

November 1993

I’m often asked, “Where did you get that idea?” I reply, “Where do ideas come from?” But I secretly wonder if I should ask, “How did that image find me?”

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Influence is incessant. Amid the myriad impressions and experiences I am subject to, I try to find the eye of the storm, that special place where inspiration rings clearly and purely. It is in these transcendent moments that I feel we are able to access our fullest potential and are able to come in contact with the greater mysteries of life.

It would seem natural that those images which reach their fullest expression through me would be images I am particularly oriented to. And to that I can say I find no greater inspiration than nature herself and the stories of man coming in contact with her.

I see style as language; not so much something I am personally attached to, but a vocabulary that enables expression. Rather than be preoccupied with a personal style, I prefer to concentrate on how style can bring content to a given work. That’s not to say I’m not concerned with a personal style, but rather I feel that it is inevitable and that many times it is as much a mystery as the images that appear before me.

I am primarily concerned with making images, but whether those images take shape in graphite, silver or the printed word I prefer to leave up to the images themselves. As with style, so with media: each provides a vessel for communication with unique properties.

I simply strive for fluency in the vocabularies of style and material so that when inspiration strikes, I will be ready and able to give it its fullest expression.

I find the interrelation of words and pictures infinitely fascinating. Each in itself has proved to be an incredible tool for expression, communication and discovery. I strive to find points at which their union can bring a synergistic effect — where the limits of each can be transcended through the other.

My recent efforts represent a new beginning for me. In my internal world, they represent for me the step between acolyte and initiate. It is only now that I feel equal to the task of bringing the images before my mind’s eye into focus.