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Antarctica XXV

The World is Speaking


It’s as if the world is speaking and I have only to listen.

Sometimes heard, sometimes seen, sometimes felt, waves course through everything; waves in earth, waves in water, waves in air, waves in light. Sometimes, the material world displays the passage of invisible forces; sometimes these forces remain unsensed by us. We take these vibrations into us and give them back anew. And, we make our own.

Amid countless everyday miracles, I come in contact with something greater than myself and realize I am a part of it.

I move in wonder through inspiration, reverence, gratitude, interconnectedness, transcendence, and grace.

I find myself immersed in flow, my small course a part of a greater course.

This process brings many realizations.
Every moment is a gift.
Every breath is a prayer.
Everything changes and brings change.
I change and bring change.
I am not alone.
We’re all in this together.

I call and am called.
I am called and call.
I create.
I create to attain, sustain, and share this state of being.
I encourage others to come into it, interact, collaborate, and share their truth.