They say you go as a tourist and return as an ambassador. That's certainly been my experience. I've been absolutely captivated by Antarctica. Antarctica is a remote region of overwhelming grandeur and stunning beauty. It has global significance geophysically and biologically. It is a climate indicator and regulator affecting weather and ocean currents. The highest, driest, windiest, coldest continent contains 90% of the world's iceberg mass and 68% of the world's fresh water. This crystal desert contains the lowest biotic diversity inland and some of the richest oceanic biotic diversity. Only recently discovered in the last century, Antarctica has never had an indigenous culture and will remain an international territory devoted to science until 2048 providing an example for all global cooperative efforts.

My work in Antarctica is multi-faceted.

Teaching digital photography workshops in the region.
Traveling exhibits.
Sharing images in book form.
Designing a website to inspire and to inform others about the region.
Initiating collaborative efforts with artists and scientists to raise awareness and promote conscientious action.

I'm actively seeking new exhibitions venues, publication channels, and collaborative efforts to promote awareness of Antarctica.

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