My Annual Open Studio Exhibit is now open – July 31 – August 1 only

Gallery talks are at 2 pm.

Over 100 new images and 3 new books.

All prints are 25% off current price this weekend only.

If you’d can’t attend but would like to inquire about purchases contact us here.

What Is This?

July 31, 2008 | 8 Comments |

What is This?

It’s a part of my Annual Exhibit 8/2-3.

Click your browser’s refresh button until you find the image in the top right corner of my blog.

Find out more in an upcoming post.

You can see my Annual Exhibit in person 8/2-3. Find out more here.

Stay tuned for online releases all weekend long.

What do you think this is? Comment here!

On Press – Banding

July 21, 2008 | 2 Comments |

We’ve been finishing the last prints for my annual open studio exhibit where I unveil New Work from 2008 for the first time. We ran into subtle banding in a few prints. So how do we trouble shoot it?

First check the file at 100% screen magnification. If it’s in the file add a touch of noise. If you need to use more noise than you’d like, use Noiseware afterwards.

Second check the printer. Is the data transfer fast enough? (Don’t perform other calculation intensive operations while printing. Close other programs if necessary. Make sure your cable connection isn’t too slow or too long.) Are the heads aligned? Are you sure it’s banding and not nozzle clog? (Nozzle clogs are tiny light lines. Banding is dark lines, often thick with soft edges.) Are you printing at high speed? (Try printing it slower.)

Third, as a last resort, rotate the image 90 degrees and try printing it again. Huh? Right! Many of my files are particularly difficult to print – semi-neutral fields with very smooth gradations. These types of images display incompatibilities with printer drivers and their screening frequencies that just don’t happen in most images. It has to do with screening frequencies. Why does rotation help? I don’t have an explanation for it. But it works.

Hopefully all of this will help you with your prints.

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