iPhone Experiments

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1. 10 Essential Photo Editing Apps (10/11) | Free
Here's my short list of essential photo editing apps.

2. Image Blender (02/12) | Free
Reduce, modify, or combine app effects with Image Blender.

3. Goth Pix (02/12) | Free
Splatter, speckle, and stain your images in seconds with Goth Pix.

4. Liquid Scale (03/12) | Free
There are at least two important reasons to use this app.

5. Touch / Retouch (coming soon)
Coming Soon.

6. Lens Flare / Lens Light (02/12) | Free
Adding light into your images offers many creative possibilities.

7. Rays (02/12) | Free
The effects Rays renders are convincingly complex.

8. Resize With iResize (05/12) | Free
When you want to make a mobile phone image smaller quickly, launch iResize.

9. Correct Perspective With Front View (05/12) | Free
Quickly straighten lines in an image that have been distorted.

10. 3 Ways to HDR On Your iPhone (10/13) Free
Rendering shadow and highlights for the best overall detail.

11. The Ins & Outs Of Making Panoramas On Your iPhone (9/13) Free
Think outside the frame.

View the iPhone photo apps I use here.