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Color Adjustment

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1. Infinite Variations | Coming Soon

    The possibilities seem limitless. Explore your options before you commit to a solution.

2. How To Evaluate Color Adjustment Tools (12/15) | Free

    Identify the go to, exotic, and redundant tools.

3. Adobe Camera Raw | Coming Soon

    Adjust Raw files and individual layers with the most robust color adjustment feature.

4. Blend Modes (2/16) | Free

    Make all of Photoshop's color adjustment tools more precise.

5. Curves (5/19) | Free

    It's the most precise tool for adjusting luminosity and hue.

6. Shadows / Highlights | Coming Soon

    Increase separation in the darkest and lightest values.

7. High Pass (5/16) | Free

    Choose between planar contrast or edge sharpening.

8. ClarityComing Soon

    Edge contrast makes your image look clearer.

9. Dehaze Coming Soon

    Strong contrast that may reveal detail you didn't see.

10. Curing Dehaze Color Artifacts  (3/18) | Free

    Try this quick fix to eliminate Dehaze color artifacts.

11. Curves, Clarity, Dehaze, High Pass, Texture and Sharpening Compared (5/19) | Free

     How do you choose between so many ways to control luminosity contrast?

12. Hue/Saturation & Vibrance & HSL Compared (9/19) | Free

    They're the most powerful tools for adjusting saturation.

13. White Balance, Photo Filter, Color Overlays, and Curves Compared Coming Soon

    How do you choose between so many ways to control color temperature?

14. 3 Ways To Achieve Neutrality Coming Soon

    How you achieve neutrality sets the foundation for future color moves.

15. Selective Color | Coming Soon

    It makes very precise changes like no other tool.

16. LAB Mode | Coming Soon

   Use LAB mode for greater hue separation.

17. Blending Channels  (4/17) | Free

    Use the information in one channel to improve another.

18. Adobe Camera Raw Filter (2/14) | Free

    Using ACR on layers lets you use Photoshop's precise masking with it.

19. Color Lookup (3/17) | Free

    Color grading can give many images a similar look or individuals a unique one.

20. Gradient Maps (3/17) | Free

    Add new color into specific ranges of luminosity.

21. Match Color (3/17) | Free

    Transfer color from one image to another.

22. Synthetic Profiles (3/17) | Free

    Make big changes non-destructively by redefining color values.

23. Masking | Coming Soon

    Apply any color adjustment tool selectively with powerful masks.