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Eric Meola

As an undergraduate at Syracuse University, he studied color printing and color theory at the Newhouse School of Journalism before graduating in 1968 with a B.A. in English Literature and then moving to NYC in 1969 to work with Pete Turner as his studio manager. A Canon “Explorer of Light,” he has lectured extensively, including at Syracuse University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Brooks (Santa Barbara), the Art Center at Pasadena, Parsons, the Academy of Art College (San Francisco), the George Eastman House, and venues including PPA., WPPI, and A.S.M.P.

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I am not interested in shooting new things - I am interested to see things new.
Ernst Haas

Sleep is the best meditation.
Dalai Lama

A poet can survive everything but a misprint.
Oscar Wilde

A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.
Ansel Adams

In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.
Marquis de Sade

I hope to hell when I do die somebody has sense enough to just dump me in the river or something. Anything except sticking me in a goddam cemetery. People coming and putting a bunch of flowers on your stomach on Sunday, and all that crap. Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.
Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye