6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management

There will be surely an “aha!” by the end of this DVD as the entire process of digital color management unfolds easily and simply before you.

It's all been distilled and streamlined into six simple steps that will help you control color to get accurate color consistently.

With this innovative presentation full of visual aids, you'll expand your understanding of color and the process it goes through from capture to print.

Understand the limits.

Get the very best results possible.

Get them fast!

Accept nothing less.


Topics covered include...

Intro Six Simple Steps to Good Color Management (3:09)

Prelude 1   Gamut Compression (15:57)

Prelude 2   Six Simple Steps to Good Color Management

1     Make Profiled Conversions   
       (5:23) Assign a known meaning to the numbers in your files

2    Calibrating/Characterize Your Monitor   
       (6:28) Get a good view of the data in your file

3     Photoshop Color Settings    
       (3:30) Set up good color management policies in a flash

4     Softproofing    
       (24:40) Simulate onscreen what a specific printing condition does to your images

5     Navigating Printer Driver   
         (16:58) Use one kind of color management, not two, not none

6     Controlling Your Environment    
        (14:47) Light and color impact your perception of color

Appendices (2:00)

         Editing Space  
         (1:37) Compare your editing space options

         16 Bit    
         (5:11) More shades of gray help preserve continuous tone quality

         Same Numbers Mean Different Things    
         (4:28) Change numbers precisely to stabalize color appearance

         What To Do With CM Dialog Boxes    
         (1:01) Missing Profile, Profile Mismatch, Paste Profile Mismatch

Conclusion (8:30)   

Total Running Time (116:19)


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