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Black & White Mastery

Black & White Mastery will give you total control over your black and white images.

You'll ...

Discover what's unique about black and white images.

Identify a number of black and white palettes and craft a black and white style that's best for you.

Learn how to convert color to black and white with ultimate control and flexibility.

Adjust luminosity with unprecedented precision, globally or locally.

Add color into your black and white images to add unique expressive dimensions.

Process Raw digital files or scan analog originals (film and print).

Make prints with the latest inkjet technologies or make digital contact negatives for printing on historic processes.

Learn to see black and white images in new ways revealing many new possibilities for you.

Topics covered include...

1    B&W Is Unique
       Why B&W is so compelling

2    How Gray is Gray
       Neutrals vary

3    B&W Expanding Definition
       Optically B&W

4    Unlimited Palette
       An amazing array of choices

5    B&W Signature Style
       Choose from many B&W styles

6    B&W Seeing In
       Seeing in B&W during exposure

7    Color is B&W
       Photoshop make color from B&W

8     B&W Strategic Overview
        First things first

9     B&W Scanning
        How to scan analog originals

10   B&W Prep for Conversion
        Adjust color before converting to B&W

11   B&W Many Ways
        Choosing a B&W conversion methods

12   Raw

13   B&W Adjustment Layer

        More precision

14   Dual Adjustment Layer
        Even more precision

15   Triple Adjustment Layer
        Still more precision

16   Channels as Layers
        Ultimate precision

17   Simulated Infrared
        B&W FX

18   B&W Global Contrast
        Global enhancement

19   B&W Local Contrast
        Selective enhancement

20   B&W Adding Color - Multi-Tone
        Tint images for offset presses

21   B&W Adding Color - Curves and Overlays
        Tint images with new hues globally

22   B&W Adding Color - Restoring Original Color
        Tint images with their original hues

23   B&W Adding Color - Handcoloring
        Tint images with new hues selectively

24   B&W Inkjet Printing - 2 ways
        One for blackest black, one for complexity

25   B&W Film
        Use digital film for historic processes

And much more!


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