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Drawing With Light - 21st Century Dodging & Burning

Take your images to a whole new level!

Enhance select areas of any image with extraordinary power and precision, giving you vastly expanded possibilities for creative expression.

These essential go-to techniques will help you master brushing, selections and masks; simple masks, gradient masks, luminance masks, contour masks and more.

Plus, learn to control the position and quality of every transition and edge.

In addition, you'll discover r/evolutionary new ways of capturing and enhancing light using the power of color's three essential elements - luminosity, hue, and saturation.

Drawing With Light; 21st Century Dodging & Burning will teach you all of these invaluable techniques and more.

You'll work faster.

You'll work smarter.

Your images will improve instantly!


Topics include ...  

1     Drawing Light    
       (47:03) Selectively enhance the three essential elements of color

2     Simple Selections and Masks    
        (13:06) Keep it simple and get the job done

3    Gradient Masks    
       (18:21) Use smooth gradations for continuous tone

4    Edge
       (4:32) Control the placement and hardness/softness of every edge   

5    Luminance Masks     
       (12:06) Quickly select highlights or shadows

6     Contour Masks   
       (5:46) Quickly define complex contours

7     Compositing Light    
       (7:00) Layer multiple exposures of varying light for new lighting effects

8     Drawing Techniques   
       (15:51) Make your brushing fast and precise brushing

Total Running Time (123:45)

These techniques can be used with all versions of Adobe Photoshop.


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