Fine Art Digital Printing

Choose wisely and get the very best digital print quality possible. 

Digital print quality is a product of a total solution - substrate, ink, printer, driver/RIP, profile, ink limit, print speed, viewing light, environment, and presentation.  

Learn what each component contributes to print quality and how they all work together to ensure your prints are as good as they can get. 

Topics covered include...

1    The Print        
       (4:55) What prints do like nothing else

2    R/Evolution      
       (10:15) Digital printing offers many paradigm shifts

3    Scale        
       (2:20) Size matters

4    Longevity        
       (7:00) How to ensure your prints last 

5    Make A Print       
       (4:30) What you need to do step-by-step

6    Total Solution       
        (7:05) Identifying all the contributing components 

7    Color Management & Proofing   
        (7:50) Get the best results constistently

8    Profiling        
        (2:47) What you need to know about printer profiles

9    Navigating Drivers / RIPs    
        (4:35) Using printer software correctly

10   B&W       
        (6:50) Black and white printing solutions

11   Substrate        
        (8:00) The materials you print

12   Ink         
        (9:20) What you put on a substrate 

13   Ink Limit        
        (5:20)How much you put on

14   Separation       
        (7:30) Understanding CMYK

15   Resolution      
       (8:50) What's ideal and how much you need

16   Output Sharpening      
        (10:15) Compensating for dot gain

17   Bronzing, Metamerism, Gloss Differential 
        (5:10) 3 things to watch for

18   Outgassing       
        (1:44) Drying time

19   Protective Coatings      
        (2:00) Sprays and varnishes

20   Outputting to Film      
        (5:55) Make new film for historic processes

21   How to Choose a Printer     
        (3:19) Choose the right features for you

22   Solving Common Challenges    
        (8:00) Simple solutions to common problems


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