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Photoshop Color Strategies 

Photoshop Color Strategies will help you take your color skills to the next level.

True mastery of color requires not only knowing how to use the various color tools available to you, but also knowing how to choose between them, when to apply them, and why to apply them to achieve specific color effects.

You'll learn to isolate the three essential components of color (luminosity, hue, and saturation) and control them with unprecedented precision.

You'll learn about important optical effects that affect the way you and your viewers see color and learn to put them to work for you.

You'll learn new ways of thinking about color that will help you see and produce a wide variety of color effects.

You'll discover strategies for identifying and creating successful color palettes. You can combine all of this knowledge to craft your own unique artistic signature style.

Put the unprecedented power and precision of digital color to work for you and your images now.
Topics covered include...

1      Color R/Evolution
         We've never had this kind of control before

2      Color is Black and White
         Photoshop makes color from black and white 

3      Memory      
         How accurate is your color memory ?

4      Optical Effects      
         Context affects how you see color

5      Color Types    
         Learn to identify 3 types of color

6      Successful palettes     
         Learn how most successful palettes work

7      Association     
         Make your color more powerful with psychology

8      Side-By-Side      
         View color side-by-side to see it better

9      Infinite Variations     
         You can transform color infinitely
10    Color Tool Survey    
         Identify go to, exotic, and redundant tools 

11    Editing Strategy   
         Use a non-destructive flexible workflow       

12    Blend Modes     
         Remove side-effects and target adjustments

13    Selectivity      
         Make sophisticated selections quickly

14    Light Filled    
         3 Ways to make image seem full of light

15    Increase or Decrease Luminosity  
         Make colors lighter or darker   

16    Reduce Hue Contrast   
         Make colors relate more strongly with hue 

17    Increase Hue Contrast    
         Make colors appear more varied

18    Reduce Saturation    
         Make colors less intense selectively

19    Increase Saturation   
         Make colors more intense selectively 

20    Neutrals      
         Make colors optically neutral    
21    Atmospheric Perspective
         Use HSL to make 2D images seem more 3D

22    Night       
         Turn day into night

23    Inversion    
         Reverse luminosity or hue

24    Transpose Natural Color    
         Apply color from one image to another

25    Transpose Synthetic Color  
         Choose colors to apply to an image

And much more!

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