Two Generations


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Responding to interest in seeing the work of father and son together, the show "Two Generations" was assembled from the personal collection of John Paul and first exhibited more than two decades ago – it has travelled and evolved ever since. The pairing of these two artist's work will seem surprising to some and natural to others. At first glance, you'll notice the many differences between these two artists. The juxtaposition of different media (both traditional and contemporary) and different types of photography (both straight' and 'altered') may seem startling. Yet, after careful inspection, what become more apparent are the similarities between these two artists. Upon further reflection, you'll find their shared impulses and sensibilities run much deeper and are far more significant than the differences you'll find on the surface. Both masters, with a strong dedication to their craft and a deep reverence for nature, Paul Caponigro and John Paul Caponigro create mystical spaces with powerful atmospheres of silence that resound with spirit. In these deep moments of quiescence, both rekindle our most primal ways of being and awaken our most essential natures, reminding us that man lives not apart from nature but as a part of Nature.

This ebook includes essays by the artists on their work.

75 images
85 pages