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John Paul Caponigro's Next Step Alumni

At the request for custom curricula by a small group of his digital photography workshop participants, John Paul Caponigro's Next Step Alumni group was started. Members have met collectively and privately for many years in workshops and online forums. The membership, which is by invitation only, has grown to over 75 members. The name arose because because John Paul constantly asks his students, "What's your next step?" It was quickly found that that prompting helped individuals focus and generate concrete results quickly. The realization that there's always a next step followed. Individual growth has been extraordinary. Many have become professionals in their chosen fields. Everyone has made their own creative lives more vital and dynamic and enriched others' in the process. A global, asynchronous, virtual community designed to activate collective intelligence through appreciative inquiry has been formed. It's a truly surprising community that continues to grow just as it's members do..


The Exhibit 

The members of John Paul Caponigro's Next Step Alumni Group collectively set the goal of producing a group exhibit. This exhibit is their achievement. 24 members are currently participating. Entry criteria were rigorous. Each artist produced a thematically cohesive body of work ready to exhibit on its own, artist's statement, book, and website. These separate projects are excerpted and collected into this exhibit highlighting community and creativity. Many insights into the creative process are revealed both in words and pictures. The included work is as diverse as the individuals, ranging from documentary journalism, editorial, still life, floral, nude, landscape and abstraction. Members are available to lecture at these events. To find out how you can exhibit this work, email

The Book 

John Paul Caponigro's Next Step Alumni Group Exhibit is supported by a companion book. Each participant has contributed two images and information introducing themselves and offering their creative insights. Over fifty exciting images introduce you to the personal vision of each member. This exciting volume continues to grow.



Exhibitors in bold



Kevin Ames

Marcela Arbildua

Charlotte Rush Bailey

Tom Barry

Kathy Beal

Jed Best

Jim Brewster

John Paul Caponigro

Ken Carl

Sandy Chandler

Cira Crowell

Chas Curtis

Karen Daspit

Robert Eckhardt

Doug Eng

Kathy Eyster

Tom Fielder

Herb Fixler

Bryn Forbes

Peg Fredi

Craig Goldwyn

Michael Gotta

Jim Graham

Gene Goff

Jerry Grasso

Daniel j Gregory

Campbell Gunn

Lowell Handler

April Hartford

Jeff Ivers

Janet Little Jeffers

Randall Kaye

Sam Krisch

Fani Cortes Lepis

Gary Little

Martyn Lucas

Steve Lumpkin

Shayne Lynn

Betsy Malloy

Dadi Marinucci

Gillian Martlew

Adam Merifield

Louisa Michelin

Kieron Monahan

Jolene Monheim

Dianne S. Morton

Jeannine Mullan

Andy Nixon

Dan Oppenheim

David Parquet

Katie Parquet

Craig Perini

Sallie Jo Perraglia

Michael J Quinn

Ramya Reddy

David Reinfeld

Anne Marie Rijsman

Jay Ritter

Beverly Robsham

Joelle Rokovich

Joe Sack

Linda Sandow

Margrit Schwarz

Geoffrey Silver

Erik Skabo

Geir Morten Skeie

Ellen Slotnick

Stephen Starkman

Cathrine Stephansen

Julie Stephenson

Jay Strojnowski

Paul Tornaquindici

Ginette Vachon

Barbara Ventura

Danielle Vick

Meg Weston

Margie Willensky

Olaf Willoughby