Illuminating Creativity - Be Versatile / Get A Lot of Ideas

Turbo-charge your creative life.
Learn to see and make discoveries in many ways.
Create a dynamic synergy using skills you already have in new ways - photograph, sketch, write, speak, move, and more.

-   Identify and expand your comfort zone.
-   Learn to get out of ruts and into the groove more quickly.
-   Find and strengthen your authentic voice.
-   Play during exercises designed to unlock new possibilities.
-   Find inspiration in the works of others.
-   Choose when to collaborate and when to go solo.
-   Learn classic ways to find new ideas - a lot of ideas!
-   Make sure that no idea is forgotten or lost.
-   Sort your ideas with a variety of strategies that will quickly help find the gold and identify next steps.
-   Focus on the things that will have the most impact on your personal goals.
-   Set missions, goals, projects, next actions, and timelines to increase your productivity.
-   Align the magnetic pull of financial reward to propel your creative life to new heights.
-   Dedicate yourself to a higher purpose.

You’re unique.  Your creative process should grow and evolve with you. Don’t just let it happen. Make a commitment to it.

Get creative with your creativity!

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