Landscapes Within

Landscapes Within presents selected images highlighting the artist’s many collaborations with nature.

A pioneer in digital photography, his work dissolves traditional media boundaries, finding new possibilities, during a critical time for photography, the most influential visual medium in history, an agent for change that continually changes itself.

These images function simultaneously as windows onto exterior landscapes and mirrors into interior landscapes. Pointing beyond objectivity and subjectivity towards intersubjectivity, it reveals how deeply involved we are in our experiences of the world. This work presents a series of invitations to look, to look again, and to look at looking.

The artist’s life’s work is a call to connection. It's a call to connection with nature - the matrix from which we are born, which sustains us while we are alive, and to which we return when we die. It’s a call to incite conscientious creative interaction with our environment. It’s a call to connection with us – with ourselves, with each other, and with the larger world surrounding us.

All levels

30-55 minutes