My Alumni and I have been having a lot of fun with our iPhones.

Harry Sandler won one of 10 Wacom Tablet Winners.
Jim Graham won one of 25 Apple App Store Gift Cards.
I won one of 30 Adorama Gift Cards.

Harry alternates between his PhaseOne P65 and his iPhone.
Jim alternates between his Nikon D3X and his iPhone.
I alternate between my Canon 1DS MKIII and my iPhone.
See the pattern?

It’s hysterical to see Harry doing HDR panoramas with his iPhone propped on top of his Phase back. You’ve got to be careful telling jokes around Jim because they’re liable to be posted as video shortly afterwards. I put words in their mouths and thoughts in their heads with comic apps. We’re laughing all the time.

See all the winners here.

Stay tuned for news on my upcoming iPhone workshop.

Alumni Success Stories

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This space is for you!

If you’re an alumn of my workshops/seminars …

I want to hear your success stories!

And I want to share them with the world!

Got a new book?

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Won a contest?

Have a new exhibit?

Landed a new assignment?

Print made it in a prestigious collection?

Experienced a great travel adventure?

Took a great workshop?

Used great tools?

Learned something valuable?

Tell us about your discoveries here!

How do you submit material?

Send me your ready to post text as an RTF file.

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Include at least one image – 425 pixels wide, sRGB, 8 bit, JPEG setting 6-9.

Email me at

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I’ll post it!


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