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I want to talk with your photography organization.
For over twenty-five years I’ve offered presentations on creativity and craft and helped thousands of people.

Seminars can be online or in-person.

Seminar durations can be tailored to fit any event from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Seminar topics can be combined to create custom sessions.

In all of my seminars, I highlight useful perceptual skills, emphasize individual vision, and place technique within the context of the history of art.

It’s an approach you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.


In my Inspiration seminars, I share my images along with the thoughts and stories behind them.

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In my Technique seminars, I demonstrate skills you can use to help take your images to the next level.

The Fine Art Of Digital Printing – How Prints Benefit You & Your Images

Black & White Mastery – All The Ins & Outs

The Power Of Color – How To Make It Personal

Creative Sharpening – How To Create Dazzling Detail

21st Century Dodging & Burning – Mastering Selections & Masks

7 Game Changers – How To Think & Shoot Different

7 Multi-Exposure Techniques To Help You Level Up Your Game

Creative Distortion – Master Your Compositions

A Fine Art Workflow – Start To Finish

Creative Raw Processing – Get More Out Of Your Images


In my Creativity seminars, I share insights that will help you add more energy, variety, and depth to your creative process.

The Art Of Visual Storytelling – 7 Ways To Tell Your Story Your Way

Creative Composition – 7 Keys To Open Your Personal Path Of Discovery

Discovering Your Vision & Style – Awakening, Deepening, Connecting

The Write To Photograph – 7 Ways Words Helps Visual Artists

7 Things Guaranteed To Help You Find More Ideas

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