David Hockney presents his controversial theories on the relationships between painting and photography.

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Jeremy Cowart

Gregory Crewdson

Loise Greenfield

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“Professional photographers are obsessed over the details, but we wanted to find out how obsessed. We invited three people to analyze the same print and used eye-tracking technology to trace every eye movement they made. In the end, it was clear, a photographer’s obsession is unmatched.”

“Oregon has a remarkable relationship with photography: it is a history filled with documenting the grandeur of the west, staging some of the earliest exhibitions in the country of photographs as works of art, and pushing the boundaries of what a photograph can be.”

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Marshall Poe offers a short and insightful rumination on changing practices and perceptions in war photography in this chapter of his video series History Through Images.

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Marshall Poe comments on Wilhelm Roentgen’s historical photograph.

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