How To Use Photoshop’s Powerful Object Selection Tool To Quickly Edit Images

“In this video, you’ll learn to discover how to use Photoshop’s Object Selection tool to select objects and regions within a photograph quickly, as well as learn tips and shortcuts for customizing overlay options, choosing selection modes, using the Mask All Objects command, and setting Image Processing preferences.”

Explore The Emotional Possibilities Of 3 Different Tonal Keys In Images

Want more mood in your photographs? One way to do this is to limit images to a single tonal range and focus more on the emotional associations it offers.

Luminosity is often divided into three broad ranges; shadows, midtones, and highlights. If the tonalities in images are predominantly from one of these ranges, they are often described as low-key or high-key. (Curiously, the words medium or mid-key are less frequently used, but it is useful to make this distinction.) By constraining an image to one of these three, you can set a specific mood.

High keys are light and airy.

Medium keys are moderate and balanced.

Low-key images are dark and heavy.

Pursue this a little further by listing as many specific emotions that you feel are related to each of these, and you’ll get a sense of how many shades of expression you’ll be able to explore when you identify them.

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The Wonderful Things Printing Can Do For You & Your Images

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The Landscape – National Juried Small Works Exhibition


The Landscape
National Juried Small Works Exhibition
Juror: John Paul Caponigro, Photographic Visual Artist


Exhibition Dates: November 26, 2022 – January 16, 2023
Reception: Saturday, November 26, 5-7 pm EST
Meet the Juror and Artists on Zoom: December 14, 7 pm EST – Register Here.

This is our tenth annual Small Works exhibition, and each work is affordably sized 13 inches or smaller for your Holiday gift list.

Our juror selected fifty-seven artworks by forty-six national artists working in photography, painting, and mixed media depicting the theme. These personal vistas of our land world include the expanse of outdoor scenery, varied environments and geography, and natural or man-made related landscape subjects.

About the Gallery Exhibition, The Landscape:
Landscape (noun): a picture representing a view of natural land scenery; the landforms of a region in the aggregate; a portion of territory that can be viewed at one time from one place.

Our national juried exhibition welcomes entries of traditional and alternative photography in color or black & white, photo-based works, paintings, mixed media, and small sculptural works depicting the theme, The Landscape. Our Juror will be looking for thought-provoking, creative works expressing the theme with representational or abstract interpretations showcasing the natural land world, the expanse of outdoor scenery, environments, geography, and natural or man-made related landscape subjects.

Aspects to consider: 

compelling abstraction, dramatic compositions, varied vantage points, detailed lines, shades, textures, rich tones, environmental concerns, and expressive scenes.

Aspects to avoid:
people, animals, sunrises, and sunsets unless the physical Landscape is the main focal point of the image or composition.

Discover more at the Alex Ferrone Gallery.

How to Use the Clone, Heal, and Content Aware Remove Healing In Lightroom Classic


In this video you’ll discover how to use the Clone, Heal, and Content-Aware Remove healing modes in Lightroom Classic to quickly remove dust spots, imperfections and distracting elements in a photograph.


For more check out Julieanne’s blog.
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How To Fix Photos With Bad Lighting Using Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize


Use Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize to remove color casts and fix photos with bad lighting.



Two Great Secret New Features In Photoshop 2023 Beta


“New features in Photoshop 2023 beta. Discover the powerful new live gradient and live blur in Photoshop and see how to use the new tools on your photographs for a super simple vignette (finally!) as well as new ways to blur the background of a picture.”

One Scary New Tool to Remove Anything from Photos!


“Discover an incredible tool to instantly remove anything from a photo, no matter how complex the image is!

In this video, we will compare Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill to the free Dall-E A.I. image generator for removing objects from challenging photos. We will discuss the limitations of Photoshop and see whether Artificial Intelligence can bridge the gap; and test whether artificial intelligence can fill in empty areas when there is nothing to sample from.”

Find more of Unmesh Dinda’s PiXimperfect here.
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New Photoshop 2023 Features & Updates Explained!

“Learn what’s new in Photoshop with this no-fluff tutorial. Look at the most significant updates like the Backdrop Generator, Substance Materials, Delete and Fill, Photo Restoration Filter, Live Gradients, and more!”