6 Little Known Techniques for Zooming in Photoshop

Julieanne demonstrates six little-known techniques for zooming images in Photoshop, including Animated and Scrubby zoom, Birds-Eye View, zooming multiple windows, and zooming to the contents of a layer.

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All The New Features Explained In Photoshop’s Epic AI Update

Explore the massive improvements in AI features, like Generative Fill with Reference Image, Generate Similar, Enhance Detail, and the New Firefly Image Model 3.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Generative Fill with Reference
02:24 How to Get These Features
03:02 Text to Image and Firefly Image Model 3
04:06 Model 1 vs. Model 3 Comparison
05:35 Generate Background
06:23 New Font Panel and Adobe Fonts
07:37 Generate Similar
09:09 Enhance Detail
10:32 Adjustment Brush
12:46 What do You Think?

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Great New Features in Lightroom & ACR 2024

Colin Smith (Photoshop Cafe) shows the new features in Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw 16.3 – Generative Remove, Lens Blur, and Content Credentials. Pay particular attention to Content Credentials (at the end of his ACR 16.3 video), a new initiative designed to inform viewers about how files have been enhanced, including additions with AI.

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Content Credentials Gives You Information About How Images Were Created

Deepfakes. Voice cloning. Synthetic media.

It’s hard to tell what’s accurate and authentic these days.

Content Credentials is a new open source tool to help you quickly figure out what you’re looking at.

Critical information about the content you see online is often inaccessible or inaccurate. How was it made? Is it AI-generated? When was it created or edited? Content Credentials make the origin and history of content available for everyone to access anytime. With this information at your fingertips, you have the ability to decide if you trust the content you see—understanding what it is and how much editing or manipulation it went through.

Learn more about the Content Authenticity Initiative.

See how to use Content Credentials in Adobe products.

Creativity Meets Technology – A Conversation On PBS


What role does technology play in creating art? Do works created by artificial intelligence meet the definition of art? Keystone Edition: Arts asks artists about the tools they use and if there should be limits to human-machine collaboration when it comes to creativity.

Erika Funke (PBS WVIA), Richard Rinehardt (Director Samek Art Museum, coauthor of RE-COLLECTION), and I share ideas on creativity, technology, and archiving.