How to Use the Clone, Heal, and Content Aware Remove Healing In Lightroom Classic


In this video you’ll discover how to use the Clone, Heal, and Content-Aware Remove healing modes in Lightroom Classic to quickly remove dust spots, imperfections and distracting elements in a photograph.


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How To Fix Photos With Bad Lighting Using Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize


Use Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize to remove color casts and fix photos with bad lighting.



Two Great Secret New Features In Photoshop 2023 Beta


“New features in Photoshop 2023 beta. Discover the powerful new live gradient and live blur in Photoshop and see how to use the new tools on your photographs for a super simple vignette (finally!) as well as new ways to blur the background of a picture.”

One Scary New Tool to Remove Anything from Photos!


“Discover an incredible tool to instantly remove anything from a photo, no matter how complex the image is!

In this video, we will compare Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill to the free Dall-E A.I. image generator for removing objects from challenging photos. We will discuss the limitations of Photoshop and see whether Artificial Intelligence can bridge the gap; and test whether artificial intelligence can fill in empty areas when there is nothing to sample from.”

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New Photoshop 2023 Features & Updates Explained!

“Learn what’s new in Photoshop with this no-fluff tutorial. Look at the most significant updates like the Backdrop Generator, Substance Materials, Delete and Fill, Photo Restoration Filter, Live Gradients, and more!”

17 Things Adobe Didn’t Tell You About Then New Photoshop 2023 !


“Discover new features and updates in Photoshop 2023 & Beta that even Adobe didn’t officially announce! Let’s explore all major updates and changes and dig up the hidden features from Photoshop version 24.0.0. We will cover everything from the biggest features like Removing Anything with one click to more minor upgrades like Preference Search.”

00:00     1. Adobe’s Not Telling You This!
01:33      Important – Photoshop 2023 & Beta
01:53      2. Live Gradients
03:01      Ps Trick – Amazing Flare
03:59      Ps Trick – Unlimited Gradients
04:44      Incredible Compositing Features!
05:59      3. 3D Materials
07:52      4. Object Selection Preview
08:12      5. Sky Detection & More
09:01      6. Live Gaussian Blur
11:17       7. Snap Windows
11:37       8. Invite to Edit
13:55      9. Share for Review
15:01      10. Neutral Color Mode
15:17      11. Preference Search
15:43      12. New Photo Restoration Filter
16:18      13. Transform Warp: Cylinder
18:07      14. Multi-Image Content-Aware Fill
19:35      15. Automatic Selection (Camera Raw)
21:12      16. Content-Aware Remove (Camera Raw)
21:43      17. AI Backdrop Creator
23:05      Want More Features?
23:21      HUGE WARNING!

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How To Get The Most Out Of Photoshop 2023’s New Selection Features


View all of Photoshop 2023’s new object selection features in Colin Smith’s video.

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How To Use Photoshop’s Photo Restoration and Colorize Neural Filters

“Discover how easy it is to enhance and colorize damaged photographs with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning using Photoshop’s Photo Restoration and Colorize Neural filters. This video shows you how to add Smart Filters, take advantage of Smart Filter masks, and use Layer Masks and Blend Modes for added flexibility while editing.”

Explore Adobe Photoshop’s New Extract From Image Feature To Create Color Palettes, Brushes, and More


“The Extract From Image feature in Photoshop’s Libraries panel is a fast and easy way to extract seamless patterns, vector shapes, colors, gradients, and character attributes. This video demonstrates how easy it is to start creating assets. Note: on mobile devices, you can use the Adobe Capture app to capture and upload all of these types of assets as well as brushes, looks (color lookup tables), audio, and 3-D materials!”

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Goodbye Photoshop? This Hidden Button in Lightroom Changes Everything!”


“The new Masking Section added into Lightroom was a BIG DEAL! But…did you know there’s a Hidden Button that makes it EVEN BETTER by giving way more control? In this video, I show how we can use this hidden function to realistically add drama to skies, add Special Effects, light a Macro Shot AND add Highlights to a Portrait!”

00:00 – Introduction
00:34 – What is Intersect?
01:03 – Darkening the Sky with Intersect
02:19 – What does Intersect do?
02:31 – Adding Drama to the Sky
03:57 – Intersect and a Portrait
04:23 – Adding Street Lighting with Photoshop
05:06 – Adding Street Lighting with Lightroom
06:22 – Lighting Macro with Intersect
07:31 – Adding Side Lighting / Highlights
07:48 – Highlights with a Layer Style in Photoshop
09:06 – Highlights with Intersect
10:08 – Lightroom Virtual Summit 2022

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