See The Big New Features In Lightroom Classic 2023


“See the big new features in Lightroom Classic 2023, including the auto selections for retouching faces, content-aware fill, and more.”

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All Of The Great New Features In The New Lightroom Classic 12


In this video we’ll cover all of the new features in Lightroom Classic 12 from Adobe.

00:00 What’s New
01:10 Portrait Masks
02:31 Adjusting Masks
05:20 New Background Mask
05:58 New Object Selection
08:15 Content Aware Remove

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The One Feature You Don’t Want To Miss In Adobe’s New Camera Raw 15 & Lightroom

“Such a simple thing, like a curve inside a mask, seems minuscule, but this is HUGE!
Watch this video to learn about the new features in ACR 15.”
00:00 Intro
00:54 Content-Aware Remove Spot Removal Tool
02:33 Refresh Button in Spot Removal Tool
03:13 What’s new in Masking
04:17 Curves in the Masking Section
09:22 People-Specific Selections
11:10 Your Turn! Experiment and Enjoy!

What You Need To Know To Master Black & White Photography

In this video, I share my unique insights into what’s special about black-and-white images. I show ways to visualize black-and-white possibilities and showcase 5 classic black-and-white styles. Along the way, I discuss the vital steps of making black-and-white images; color management, color conversions, tonal adjustment, and printing.

Join Us! Young Poets Read – New Voices Rising – Sun Oct 9 / 4 EST

I’ll be cohosting a special event with poet Kathleen Ellis.

Young Maine poets read and discuss their unique perspectives.

Come hear the voices of young poets as they express their views of our world. The poets are University of Maine students active in campus creative writing activities and the campus literary magazine, The Open Field. Readings will be followed by a conversation among the poets facilitated by Kathleen Ellis and John Paul Caponigro, and Q&A from the audience. Poets reading will include Samuel Mills, Iris Lecates, Paige McHatten, Starla Straub, and Rachel Ouellette.

Register free here.

Why It’s Important To Remember Your Dreams & How To Do It

Do you remember your dreams?

If so, are you actively working with them?


Throughout history, countless cultures have developed practices to cultivate their dreams and help people increase awareness, connect and clarify thoughts and feelings, recognize opportunities and issues, solve problems, optimize performance, and many other things. Never mind predicting the future, though that can happen too. As an artist, dreams help me imagine images, both realistic and surreal. As a writer, dreams help me write – letters, technical articles, aesthetic statements, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. As a musician, dreams help me imagine new melodies, rhythms, and even sounds. Still, the biggest reason to remember your dreams is they’re fascinating. Dreams feel more real and are usually more entertaining, emotional, and insightful than movies or virtual reality.


All people (and many animals) dream. Scientists haven’t figured out all the reasons why dreams are so important for our mental and physical health. But they know we spend just under 10% of our lives dreaming. (That’s approximately 750 hours a year.) On average, we dream 2 hours a night in REM bursts lasting 10 minutes early in the night and gradually extending to as long as an hour.


It’s common not to remember dreams. But there are many things you can do to improve your recall. The number one thing I’ve done to boost my recall is write down my dreams, not just first thing when I wake up, not just in the morning, but also when I wake up in the middle of the night. I do this using Notes on my iPhone; it’s always with me. During the pandemic, I’ve been more consistent than ever, and over 80% of the time I remember at least one dream. I found that when I traveled, I often let my routine slip, and my recall went down. When I reestablished this daily ritual, my recall went back up. Extending my dream practices from notation to journalling reflections and creating things in response to them has made dreams and my life much richer. I wish this for you too.


Many books have been written on dreams. I offer the following list of resources as a way to reinvigorate the journey you started long ago. These resources are not the classic academic books of great historians, anthropologists, scientists, and psychologists. I’ve chosen them because as well as being grounded in this long tradition, they’re also approachable and practical.

Sweet dreams!

Unlock The Secrets Of Your Dreams – Stephen Aizenstat – Free eBook

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Photoshop Has 5 Instant AI Cutouts – Including The Hidden One.

“See the 5 different algorithms Photoshop uses to make cutouts and remove backgrounds.”