Black & White Mastery

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Explore the wonderful world of black and white, a very special form of color.


Expanding The Definition Of Black & White
The term “black & white” is not as simple as you might think..

How Gray Is Gray ? 
Both context and personal preference make this a surprisingly challenging question.

What’s Unique About Black & White 
Black & white is special, in so many ways.

Why You Need To Understand Color To Get The Best B&W Images
Color affects the exposure, processing, and printing of B&W images.

Seeing In Black & White
Learn what’s unique about black & white and how to best adjust and print it.

An Overview Of Color To Black & White Conversions
My preferred workflow for color to black & white conversions.

Optimizing Files Before Black & White Conversions (Coming Soon)
Prepare your color images before conversion to black & white to gain maximum control.

B&W Conversions Simple 1 – B&W Adjustment Layer | Download
The easiest way make color to black and white conversions.

B&W Conversions Simple 2 – Dual Adjustment Layers | Download
Dual adjustment layers offer even more control.

B&W Conversions Complex – Channels as Layers | Download
The most advanced color to black-and-white conversion method.

Adding Color To Black & White | Download 
Adding color to a neutral image can enhance the expression of any image.

Simulating Infrared | .99
Create the look of infrared with Adobe Photoshop (all versions)

Enhancing Local Contrast In Black & White Images
The best ways to dodge and burn detailed.

5 Strategies For Adding Color Back Into Black & White 
There are as many reasons to add color back into B&W photographs as there are ways to do it

Top 5 Ways To Add Color To Black & White 
By adding color to your b&w photos, you can enhance their expressive qualities.

Epson Driver – Advanced B&W Photo
Use the Epson driver to make the best black & white prints.

Black & White Signature Styles 
Like so many other artists, you too can learn to craft a unique black and white look.

5 Photographers With Signature Black & White Styles 
Study the masters to find new possibilities in black and white photography.

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