2) journey grayscale

There are as many reasons to add color back into black-and-white photographs as there are ways to do it.

3) journey duotone custom copy3) journey duotone custom

You can change the emotional tone of photographs when you add warm or cool tints to them.

2) journey grayscale copy

You can separate areas of a photograph by toning them differently.

5) journey splittone

You can enhance the illusion of volume in a photograph by adding different colors into highlights and shadows; typically highlights are warm and shadows are cool.

3) journey duotone custom copy (1)

You can increase volume further by adding gradations of hue in specific regions of a photograph; typically this is done with brushes.

6) journey subdued color

You can add still greater realistic complexity by restoring trace amounts of the original color.

1) journey full color

If you increase the saturation of any of these treatments beyond a low level, you turn black-and-white photographs into color photographs.

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