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Explore the wonderful world of black-and-white, a special form of color.

Seeing In B&W
What’s unique about black-and-white, and how to best adjust and print it.

What’s Unique About B&W
Black-and-white is special in so many ways.

Expanding The Definition Of B&W
The term “black & white” is not as simple as you might think.

How Gray Is Gray ? 
Both context and personal preference make this a surprisingly challenging question.

Why You Need To Understand Color To Get The Best B&W Images
Color affects the exposure, processing, and printing of black-and-white images.

An Overview Of Color To B&W Conversions
My preferred workflow for color to black and white conversions.

Optimizing Files Before B&W Conversions (Coming Soon)
Prepare your color images before conversion to black-and-white to gain maximum control.

A Dozen Ways To Convert Color To B&W – And Why You Only Need Two (Coming Soon)
Simplify your workflow.

Lightroom / Camera Raw  – B&W Conversions (Coming Soon)
When global conversions are enough.

Photoshop  – B&W Conversions
When you want to localize conversions.

How To Create The Best Color To B&W Conversion Previews
Exploring your options before you commit to a final solution is time well spent.

Simulating Infrared | .99
Create the look of infrared with Adobe Photoshop (all versions)

Enhancing Local Contrast In B&W Images
The best ways to dodge and burn detailed.

5 Strategies For Adding Color Back Into B&W
Why and how to add color back into black-and-white photographs.

Top 5 Ways To Add Color To Black & White 
By adding color to your black-and-white photos, you can enhance their expressive qualities.

Black & White Signature Styles 
Like so many other artists, you, too, can learn to craft a unique black-and-white look.

5 Photographers With Signature B&W Styles 
Study the masters to find new possibilities in black-and-white photography.

Hand-Coloring B&W Photographs (Coming Soon)
How to achieve complex and convincing effects with this compelling palette.

Why B&W And Color Don’t Mix – In The Same Body Of Work (Coming Soon)
You need a compelling reason to move between these different realities; here are 3 examples.

Epson Driver – Advanced B&W Photo
Use the Epson driver to make the best black-and-white prints.

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5 Photographers With Signature B&W Styles


You can learn a lot just by looking at great photographs.
Want to learn more about black and white images?
Start by studying these five photographers.

Alfred Stieglitz explored the softer sensibility of platinum with muted blacks, very full highlights, and a surprising range of tints.
View 12 Great Photographs By Alfred Stieglitz here.

Ansel Adams epitomized the modern sensibility with deep blacks, bright whites, and a full smooth range of tones in between.
View 12 Great Photographs By Ansel Adams here.

Brett Weston moved modern photography towards abstraction with extreme contrast often eliminating shadow and sometimes highlight detail.
View 12 Great Photographs By Brett Weston here.

Huntington Witherill advances the classic modern sensibility into the contemporary by achieving extreme separation in even the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, often side-by-side.
View 12 Great Photographs By Huntington Witherill here.

Joyce Tenneson has explored many high key black and white palettes over her career – neutral in her early years, semi-neutral tints mid-career, and more recently gold-leafed.
View 12 Great Photographs By Joyce Tenneson here.
View more 12 Great Photographs Collections here.


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5 Strategies For Adding Color Into B&W Photographs

2) journey grayscale
There are as many reasons to add color back into black-and-white photographs as there are ways to do it.

3) journey duotone custom copy3) journey duotone custom
You can change the emotional tone of photographs when you add warm or cool tints to them.

2) journey grayscale copy
You can separate areas of a photograph by toning them differently.

5) journey splittone
You can enhance the illusion of volume in a photograph by adding different colors into highlights and shadows; typically highlights are warm and shadows are cool.

3) journey duotone custom copy (1)
You can increase volume further by adding gradations of hue in specific regions of a photograph; typically this is done with brushes.

6) journey subdued color
You can add still greater realistic complexity by restoring trace amounts of the original color.

1) journey full color
If you increase the saturation of any of these treatments beyond a low level, you turn black-and-white photographs into color photographs.

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Converting Images to Black and White in Lightroom 4 – Julianne Kost

“In this episode of The Complete Picture Julieanne demonstrates the best way to convert images to Black and White in Lightroom as well as how to save presets to increase your productivity.  Click here to download the presets discussed in the video. Note: although this video was recorded in Lightroom, the same techniques are available in Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.”
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