How Photoshop’s Blend If Sliders Help With Masking, Retouching, and Effects

“Discover the Magic of Blend If in Photoshop! Learn how “Blend If” works and explore the amazing effects you can create with it. In this video, we’ll dive deep into the mechanics of what “Blend If” controls and go through real-world applications, from masking to special effects and even retouching.”

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New Features In Photoshop 2023 That Are Easy To Overlook


The new Photoshop 2023 non ai features are easy to overlook – but really useful!

00:00 Intro
00:20 Adjustment Presets
02:12 Making your own Adjustment Presets
04:33 Color grade with new gradients
06:15 Add point of light
06:56 New Gradients on Masks to blend layers
08:04 Remove tool in Photoshop
08:54 Contextual menu bar

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New Photoshop Tools – Remove & Generative Fill – Which Is Better?

Photoshop offers two new AI retouching tools – Remove and Generative Fill. Which is the best tool? Find out as Colin Smith tests both.

5 Mistakes To Avoid With The Photoshop Generative Fill

Generate better images by avoiding these critical mistakes with The Generative Fill in Photoshop!
00:00 – Mistake #1 – Instructional Prompts
01:32 – Mistake #2 – Basic Selections
03:00 – Mistake #3 – Not Using Intensity
07:25 – MSI Creator
08:00 – Mistake #4 – Keeping Adjustment Layers in The Fill
08:40 – Mistake #5 – Thinking of Gen Fill as a One-Click Solution

4 Videos On How To Make The Most Of Photoshop’s Generative Fill



Jesus Ramirez offers a comprehensive guide on the Generative Fill.

The New 2023 Photoshop Features Have A Star – The Remove Tool

“In this video, we’ll talk about what’s new in the latest version of Photoshop (May 2023 Update). You’ll see the brand new “Remove Tool,” which is like content-aware fill but easier and simpler to use, as well as some other small updates.”

How To Use Photoshop’s New Mind-blowing Generative A.I. Fill




Generative ai is now inside Photoshop. Instantly retouching or replacing anything inside Photoshop. Adobe Firefly, generative AI is now in Photoshop. Colin Smith shows you how to extend images, replace images and generate art within Photoshop 2023.

00:00 Intro on Generative ai in Photoshop
00:09 Extend a photograph with ai
00:49 Replace a Dress with a shirt
01:10 How to get Firefly in Photoshop now
01:46 Replace a background and replace an object
03:09 Advanced replacement of clothing
04:54 Generative ai Tips
05:27 Generating objects out of nothing
05:52 Duplicating dogs
06:45 How to place an object on a surface
07:05 Where do the images come from? How does ai deep learning work


Masking Curves In Lightroom & ACR Is More Important Than You Might Realize


“Finally, we get curves in masks in Lightroom. Learn why this is important. Colin Smith teaches you how to use Curves in masks to target tones and take absolute control over color grading.”

00:00 Intro
00:21 Create Mask
00:45 5 adjustment zones
01:03 Adjust the tones
01:48 Making a Background mask
02:27 Adjusting Foreground with recovery and Curves
03:33 Curves Color Mode
04:10 Understanding Color Channels
06:08 adding color to tonal regions
06:48 Adjusting the color on the Background
08:010 Adjusting the Intensity of the adjustment

Amazing New AI Noise Reduction Compared – Adobe and Topaz

First, Matt Kloskowsi shows us the new AI noise reduction in Lightroom and Camera Raw.
Second, Matt Kloskowski shows us how Topaz one-ups themselves with even better noise reduction.
Then compare Colin Smith’s take on Adobe’s new AI noise reduction feature.

Get A Quick Overview Of Adobe Lightroom’s New Features April 2023

Matt Kloskowski gives us a quick survey of Adobe Lightroom features that are new in April 2023.
AI Noise reduction and masking improvements are the two biggest items.