Laura Gilpin – The Enduring Photographer

“This film celebrates the life and work of Laura Gilpin, an artist whose career spanned 76 years yet who worked most of that time in obscurity. With a pragmatic mind, an insightful eye and a compassionate heart, Laura Gilpin was a distinct voice in the great photographic endeavor of the 20th century to define and understand the American west. Through a detailed retrospective of her unique photographs, from her rare autochromes and exquisite platinum landscapes to her gentle portraits of Navajo life, learn how unlike her contemporaries, Laura Gilpin interpreted her surroundings as relationships between land and people rather than landscapes devoid of human existence. Experience Laura Gilpin’s remarkable ability to connect these dynamic and sometimes fragile relationships of life in the west to the inner and universal landscape of humanity.”
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Sally Mann – What Remains

“Sally Mann is acknowledged as one of America’s finest and most controversial photographers. In this video, from the documentary film, What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann, she discusses her work and her project examining death and decay. Sensitive or squeamish viewers should be aware that there are very graphic scenes in this video clip.”
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Eliot Porter

“Celebrate the life and work of Santa Fe photographer Eliot Porter. For more than a half of a century Porter pursued the natural world with his view through a camera. He had numerous publications, most notably with the Sierra Club. “In wilderness is the preservation of the world,” Porter wrote. He combined his photographs with selections of Henry David Thoreau’s writings. The Place No One Knew features Porter’s photographs of Glen Canyon before it vanished under the waters of the Colorado River Project. Featured in this look back at Porter’s work is the photographer’s son Jonathan, who reads selections from his father’s writings. Poet V.B. Price reads the Thoreau selections, and is joined by artists, photographers and friends of Eliot Porter to speak of Eliot and the impact of his work.”
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