Photoshop Start Up Memories

In this documentary, the founders of Adobe Photoshop – John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman – tell the story of how an amazing coincidence of circumstances, that came together at just the right time 20 years ago, spawned a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime.

Photoshop's 20th Anniversary Celebration Webcast

NAPP (The National Association of Photoshop Professionals) will be hosting a celebration of Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary at the Palace of the Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco. The event will feature Adobe’s senior vice president of Creative Solutions, John Loiacono, as well as vice president of Photoshop Product Management, Kevin Connor, Photoshop co-creator Thomas Knoll, Adobe creative director Russell Brown. NAPP’s entire team Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, RC Concepcion, Matt Koslowski, Corey Barker, and many others will be there. Over a thousand people are expected to attend.
The event starts at 7:30 pm tonight.
You can see the live webcast here.
See Scott Kelby’s report here.