12 Reasons To Use Colorbyte's Image Print RIP

Colorbyte’s ImagePrint RIP’s isn’t for everyone. It costs roughly half the cost of a printer. But for many it’s a trusted ally that helps them achieve great print quality with a minimum of effort. ImagePrint simplifies printer color management without sacrificing quality for those who aren’t experts and increases productivity for high volume printers, like service bureaus.
Here are 10 reasons to use ImagePrint.
1 – Easier color management (auto sets media type with selection of profile, auto resamples)
2 –┬áCustom profiles and ink recipes for third party substrates
3 – Consistent color (no System, Adobe, Epson variances) – particularly important for service bureaus
4 – True postscript for sharper vector graphics and text
5 – No upper length limit
6 – Light temperature specific profiles
7 – Useful Saturation rendering intent
8 – Cross toning for black and white images with improved separation routines for better dmax, greater longevity, lower metamerism
9 – Auto device dependent resampling to get to perfect resolution (360) without additional sharpening
10 – Better shadow detail control
11 – Drive multiple printers simultaneously
12 – Print from multiple networked computers
13 – Page layouts (but you could use Lightroom)
Is ImagePrint right for you?
If these 10 reasons justify the cost for you.
If you’re tempted to use it try it in its free demo mode or purchase it with their 30 day money back guarantee.
Learn more about ImagePrint here.