B&H celebrates International Women’s Day with its Women of Influence series.

Cristina Mittermeier is an accomplished conservationist, wildlife photographer, and author, who has dedicated her life to education and outreach through the stories reflected in her photos. In this episode, Cristina shares her message of conservationism, an appreciation for natural splendor, and the relationship humans have with the wild.

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Saturday March 27, 2010 millions of people turned their lights off together for 1 hour in an effort to conserve energy. Here are some fabulous before and after images of the event. Click the images and watch the lights fade!

To benefit from Al Gore’s talks you don’t have to agree with him. A majority of recommended actions benefit the you and the economy through efficiency. Simply listen to his 15 points on How You Can Contribute. You can make a difference. It’s easy! Start now!

(If you’re short on time jump to 06:00 , past his self-depracating humor.)

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