You can learn Photoshop CS5’s new features from top pros in free videos.
Here’s a list of links to many of the top Photoshop CS5 videos.

New Features – Richard Harrington

Common Sense Enhancements – Deke McClelland

New Blend Modes – Divide & Subtract – Calvin Hollywood

Improved Selection & Masking4 Top Pros

Masking Basics & Masking Magic – Russell Brown

Mask Panel & Refine Edge – Lee Varis

HDR – 4 Top Pros

Photoshop CS5 HDR Special Effects – Jan Kabili

Improved Brush Engine – Russell Brown

Painting – Julianne Kost

Brush Tips – Colin Smith

Repousse 3D – Colin Smith / Russell Brown

Puppet Warp – Colin Smith / Deke McClelland

Puppet Warp – Russell Brown

PatchMatch – Dan Goldman

Spot Healing and Fill Tool – Dan Goldman

Content Aware Scaling – Michael Ninness

Content Aware Fill – Russell Brown

Content-Aware Fill – Bryan O’Neil Hughts

Selective Content Aware Scale and Content Aware Fill – Terry White

?Content Aware Fill / Scale / Heal? – Julianne Kost

Photoshop CS5 Bridge and Mini Bridge – Julianne Kost

New Camera Raw Feature – Julianne Kost

Photoretouching in Camera Raw – Russell Brown

Editing Smart Objects With Adobe Camera Raw – Russell Brown

Using Photoshop Stacks To Remove People – Deke McClelland

Making A Movie In Photoshop – Julianne Kost

Advantages of the DNG File Format – Julianne Kost

Helpful Hints For Creating Action in Photoshop – Julianne Kost

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Richard Harrington reviews Photoshop CS5’s new features.

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Adobe alpha tester and all-around digital master Jeff Schewe takes us on a tour of the improvements to the new version of the Adobe Creative Suite, CS4

Here are two excerpts.

“Probably the single largest engineering effort has gone into completely changing the way Adjustment Layers work. No longer are the adjustments locked into modal dialog boxes; they now live in a live Adjustment Panel. Click on an Adjustment Layer and you have live access to the adjustments. This was major engineering to do although you may not yet see the benefits, but they’re there. Plus, a new Adjustment, Vibrance (inspired by Lightroom), has been added.”

“Another new panel is the Mask Panel, which allows for nondestructive adjustments to layer masks for functions such as feathering and mask density. These mask adjustments remain fully adjustable as long as you don’t do a destructive manipulation, such as running a filter on the mask. You have direct access to the Refine Edge tool that was new in CS3. It should be noted that Refine Edge isn’t nondestructive. For those who make a lot of selections using Color Range, a new functionality called Localized Color Clusters allows selections to be regionalized directly in the dialog.”

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Adobe has announced What is it? Mix Photoshop Elements with social networking, online sharing (Myspace/Facebook), and online archiving with services and free tutorials to support it. Imagine Flickr with free online image editing. Then add mobile computing (on cell phones and PDAs) – Mobile. It’s not a professional solution (fully featured, capable of handling high resolution – Lightroom or Photoshop) – yet.

Does this herald the future of all Photoshop products? Will we be renting rather than purchasing our software in the future? Perhaps our upgrades will be automatic and managed for us. This is speculative futurecasting. For now, find out what’s happening online with PhotoshopExpress. It’s too interesting not to check it out.

Check it out here.

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PhotoshopCafe has launched it’s CS4 online Learning Center. Read an illustrated overview of new CS4 features. Watch four new free videos online – Retouch and Panels, Content-Aware Scale, New Interface, GPU Viewing Options and an interview with John Nack (Photoshop Principle Product Manager). It’s excellent content. It’s free!

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Photoshop Cafe just launched a new online magazine. The premiere issue offers 67 information packed pages covering the Adobe’s entire Creative Suite 4. It’s free!

Download the CS4 Superguide PDF here.

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