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The people at Pixel Genius (Martin Evening, the late Bruce Fraser, Mac Holbert, Andrew Rodney, Seth Resnick and Jeff Schewe) produce terrific production tools for use within Photoshop – PhotoKit, Photo Kit Color, and Photo Kit Sharpener.

PhotoKit automates a variety of tasks including color correction, color to black and white conversion, toning, and basic sharpening. PhotoKit Sharpener automates some of the most sophisticated sharpening routines ever devised. They’re so sophisticated they were licensed and modified for Adobe’s Lightroom.

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PixelGenius has added a free ICC profile for the new Epson Stylus® Photo 2880 Printers designed to work with Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper. Many free profiles are available at the PixelGenius web site. (Printers supported include Epson R2400, 3/4/7/9800 series and 4/7/9/11880 series.)

Learn more from Jeff Schewe at PhotoshopNews here.
Get the PixelGenius profiles here.


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