20 Questions With Photographer Sean Duggan

Sean Duggan provides quick candid answers to 20 questions
What’s the best thing about photography?
It provides a window through which we can view our own world, as well as the world beyond our experience, other realities and other visions.
What’s the worst thing about photography?
That there so much of it. Our culture is so inundated with photographs that they can become the visual equivalent of background noise
What’s the thing that interests you most about other people’s photographs?
The way they see and interpret their world. Their unique visions show me things I could not imagine, and present new conceptual pathways to follow.
What benefits do you get from (this/these) other art form/s?
Poetry helps me to be visually sensitive to the possibility of metaphor in an image; it helps me appreciate photographs as visual poems.
Writing helps me to more fully explore and understand ideas and concepts.
Making sculptural assemblages is a tactile and three-dimensional way to explore ideas through the combination of different materials and found objects. This work often directly influences my “Artifacts of an Uncertain Origin” series of photographs.
What failure did you learn the most from?
No particular failure, but the general idea that in any failure there is an opportunity to learn something, to take that knowledge, start again, and do it better.
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