Influences – Sculpture

Is there a pattern to the artist’s above? Yes. They’re all influential to me.
Who are your influences? If you’re an artist you hear this question all the time. Many of us resist the temptation to answer as our answers may lead others to a poor choice of words – derivative. The reality is we’re all being influenced all of the time. It’s interesting to separate your enduring influences (the ones that stand the test of time) and your current influences (the most recent). For instance, I just saw the Louise Bourgeoise exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. It’s influencing me. Will I do something with that influence immediately? Will that influence stay with me long enough to become significant? Time will tell. I also visited my favorite gallery in the Metropolitain Museum in NYC – the Rockefeller wing containing artifacts from primal cultures typically used for sacred or ceremonial functions. I go there every time I visit the museum. Every time I’m thrilled. The influence of this kind of art has been and will be with me my whole life.
I just entered into the arena environmental sculpture. (See video here.) How long has this been building? Since I was one year old. Who was the earliest influence? Calder. Who’s the most recent influence? McCall. Who are the other sculptures who have been influential to me? Find some of them in the Sculpture section of my AStore. You’ll find a clear pattern – and some surprises.
Who are your influences? Comment here!
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