Artist Chris Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. His supersized images picture some almost unimaginable statistics — like the astonishing number of paper cups we use every single day.

Eric Sanderson shows the power images have to uncover/recover history.

How many people were born today?
How many people died?
What’s the world population? (It’s climbing at faster than a person a second.)

How many species have become extinct so far this year? (22,212 and counting.)

How many days to the end of gas or coal?

How much is spent on health, education, and military? (It’s in that order.)

How much food and water was consumed?

Find these answers and more here.

What’s in a picture? So much! Here you understand our world better because of good pictures.

Two key concepts for creatives to take away. “Link data to design.” “Make data searchable.”


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