Joyce Tenneson lectures tonight at the Naples Museum of Art for The View Project exhibit on display Dec 18 – March 13.
The View Project, conceived and organized by Joyce Tenneson, is an exploration of why certain places or photographs that have such a powerful effect on us as individuals. What is it – beyond surface beauty – that makes specific visual moments so indelible in our memory?
The View Project is about photographs that mirror something in the photographer’s inner life – images that are personal and powerful, yet perhaps not clearly understood, even to the viewer/photographer” – Joyce Tenneson
Photographs and comments by a wide array of photographers are included – John Paul Caponigro, Sean Kernan, Douglas Kirkland, George Lepp, Jack Resnicki, Rick Sammon, Joyce Tenneson, Jerry Uelsmann, and many more.
Two of my alumni Kathy Beal and Stephen Starkman are included in the book and exhibit.


Joyce Tenneson is coordinating a fascinating new book The View and she’s looking for compelling images and stories.

“I am editing a book tentatively called “The View”.   I have already received submissions from photographers around the world and would like to invite you to participate as well.  There is no research that explains why certain views affect people so deeply – this project will attempt to shed light on this intriguing visual-psychological phenomenon.

I would be most grateful if you would send me a high-resolution photo or two (no smaller than 8×10”) of a “view” that has affected you deeply.  I would also like you to send along 1-3 sentences describing, in your own words and in a simple fashion, what you felt or still feel when thinking about that particular scene.  Thanks in advance for your time and perceptions!

I’d like to make it clear that I am not looking for a simply beautiful landscape – a picture postcard – quite the opposite.  I am seeking to uncover what it is about certain places or photographs that, for some unknown reason, speak to our heart in an unforgettable and poignant manner.”

Find out more and submit images here.

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