I’ve got broad linear banding in my print(s).

Make sure your data transfer from computer to printer is fast and uninterrupted.
Do use a fast connection like USB2 or Ethernet.
Don’t use a cord that too long – less than 12 feet.
Don’t tie up your computer up with tasks other than printing.
As this is a data transfer issue, it affects larger prints (more data) more than smaller prints (less data).

Don’t confuse this type of banding with micro-banding (small thin lines) or non-linear banding (in the file).

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Epson Print Academy – Larry Kaufmann

The videos in the Epson Print Academy are packed with information. Epson’s Larry Kauffmann, a source with over a decade of direct real world insider experience, quickly dispels many myths and provides clear information.
Here’s one tip. Epson printers provide both USB2 and Ethernet. Both are fast enough for the highest quality printing. USB2 has length limitations, so it’s used when printing from a computer near a printer. Ethernet is used to print over longer distances.
As an aside, fast data transfer prevents banding. If you encounter banding check a few things. Check head alignment. Check the cable delivering the data – type and length. Check to see that the computer spooling the data isn’t taxed performing other functions.
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