I lecture tonight at 7pm in Milwaukie at CoPA.
I’ll discuss my creative process and new work from my project Antarctica.
The lecture is free and open to the public thanks to Canon.

  • majimaging

    Hi, great lecture last night both insightful and inspiring. Afterwards I took the opportunity to share a thought that occurred to me when you were describing your concept to bring scientists and artists together to communicate on the polar ice caps. I suggested that for a communication to be really effective it must probe the daily lives of people, and yet your binding image theme is express omission of such abstracts of humanity, so I saw that as a challenge. Afterwards I realized there are pieces in your collection that remain true to your style of omission but visually do create a tangible connection between the human world and the natural. “Path 1” being an excellent example. To me a similar approach of non-explicit suggestion would be very powerful in your communications on the polar ice caps.

    Again great lecture and many thanks for putting Milwaukee on your schedule!



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