When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer?

A lot of times the answer goes way back and that inspiring moment follows us for a lifetime.

Here’s what Vincent Versace shared in a recent interview with Scott Wyden.

“When I knew I wanted to be a photographer, I mean new it in my core, was when I was 15 years old and out to the smoky mountains with my other uncle CJ Elfont. I shot my first “smokey water” waterfall. I watched how the world stopped for him when he shot and the look on his face after he made an exposure with his view camera. I had the “buzz” when I captured my water shot. That was when I knew.”

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  • The moment for me was Photoshop 1.0. I knew I’d found my medium. I could bring images in my mind’s eye into clear focus. I’d been making images since before I could talk. Photoshop brought everything (painting, photography, writing) together for me and (unlike Scitex machines and software) was within reach. It was life changing. It has been for so many people.

  • This is wonderful! I have my answer discussed here:

  • Arthur Fink

    I was a boy when I saw a TV show on the public TV station with Ernst Haas. He explained that photographer go putting frames on the world. As I heard that, I knew, immediately, “That’s me”.

    Indeed, I did just that for many years. But it was not until I took a master class with Kate Carter at the Maine Photo Workshop years later that I realized photography could become a way for me to both discover and also express my spiritual ground.

  • When I was nine or ten years old, Christmas Eve, I opened my most cherished gift, a Kodak Instamatic in a gray plastic container. The moment is still as vivid as then! That was followed by my high school years as a teenager working in the darkroom with a group of photographers for the Yearbook and loving every minute of it!
    The passion to transform a bathroom to a darkroom and then the dream of building my own darkroom! I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else…… enjoying digital technology to its max!

  • I was nine or ten when on Christmas Eve i opened my most cherished gift, a Kodak Instamatic in a small gray container! The moment is still vivid and it continued on with the most exciting time as a teenager in our high school darkroom as we prepared photos for the yearbook. This led to adapting my bathroom to a darkroom until the chemical fumes forced me to build one in the back of my house!
    Now, thanks to digital and technology the enjoyment of working and creating images in the digital darkroom has become one of the greatest expressions in my life!!


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