On Saturday, May 5, at 11:35 p.m. EDT the moon will be 8,000 miles closer than it’s average distance to the earth and will appear 30% brighter and 14% bigger. This supermoon coincides with the Eta Aquarid meteor shower from Halley’s comet.

The best time to view the moon will be the early evening, just after the moon rises.

The best time to view the meteor shower is late Saturday and early Sunday.

Later in the month, on May 20 there will be an annular eclipse.

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Happy New Year!

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See live coverage of the new year’s ball drop above or at this link.

Happy New Year! May it be a healthy, happy, successful year for you all!

Tomorrow, July 1, 2008 the Maine Media Workshops hosts an online Benefit Auction of Photographs, the school’s first public fundraiser since achieving non-profit status in 2007.

Auction items include generous gifts of work from many Workshops photography faculty and friends. Artist’s contributing include Dan Burkholder, Paul and John Paul Caponigro, Robert Farber, Micheal Grecco, Greg Heisler, Connie Imboden, Stephen Johnson, Sean Kernan, Jay Maisel, Sally Mann, Andrea Modica, Elizabeth Opalenik, George Tice, William Wegman, Maggie Taylor, Joyce Tenneson, and many, many more.

The live auction preview is currently available on eBay Live Auctions. The auction will take place July 1. You can either bid real-time as the auction unfolds or leave absentee bids for your favorite pieces. All bidders, even current eBay customers, need to pre-register online for this one-day live auction prior to July 1. Workshops alumni, friends, and collectors of fine photographs will not want to miss this sale!

Tell us about your favorite photographic treasures. Comment here.


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