Enjoy My First Poetry Reading With Meg Weston On The Poet’s Corner

If you missed the live event, now you can see and listen to my first public poetry reading with Meg Weston on The Poet’s Corner.

We share selections of our poetry and collaborative poems, including two in response to each other’s images.

We discuss the relationships between images and words throughout.

View more on The Poet’s Corner.

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  • Dorothy Riess

    15.10.2022 at 17:38 Reply

    Listened to much of this and can’t help but think that thoughts in another language would help distill the English you use. Visual is so separate, so unique and associated with hearing, the song of the earth, only if you are very quiet. Why must it be related to poetry which has its own rules of meter? Writing takes time away from the visual. Poetry must, to my mind, also be musical. It would help to have it printed for the viewer. The impromptu nature of this presentation bothers me. Better organization would help. For the poet to read her/his work may be a mistake. A fine Shakespearian actor makes his words come alive. Most poets are not good speakers. The exception may be Dylan Thomas whose speaking voice was superb. More on this subject, but time and space not available. Dorothy Riess

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