Be more green!

You can make a difference today!

Make many small changes to make one big change!

And you’ll save a lot!

Take action now!

Here’s one idea.

Tune Up The Heat

If each household lowered its average heating temperature by 6 degrees Farenheit over a 24 hour period, we’d save the energy of 500,000 barrels of oil every day.

If your household is like most households, 40% of the energy you use is for heat. Inefficient heating systems can waste 30-50% of the energy they generate.

Test, clean, and adjust your heating system annually for an average of 5% savings.

For Forced Air systems insulate ducts. For Electric systems a heat pump can reduce your bill up to 40%. For Hot Water systems put reflectors behind your radiators.

Save energy, save money, save the planet.

Save now. Then help your friends save. Imagine how much we’ll all save!

Find more resources that will help you take action now here.

Find environmental organizations to support here.



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