Green Action – Use Multi-Use Bags

Be more green!
You can make a difference today!
Make many small changes to make one big change!
And you’ll save a lot!
Take action now!
Here’s one idea
Choose to Reuse
12 million barrels of oil are needed
to make the more than 100 billion plastic single use grocery bags that are used in the US every year. An estimated 4 billion of these bags end up as litter each year,  If tied end to end these bags could stretch around the earth 63 times.  Recycling these plastic bags is costly and not economicaly ideal to many second generation markets. Sadly most of these recycled plastic bags end up being shipped to other countries with more lenient environmental laws to be incinerated.
It takes 98% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic compared to a pound of paper. Yet bags made from paper actually require 4 times more energy to produce, create more pollutants, and take up considerably more landfill space than plastic.
What should we do?
The answer lies in multi-use bags.
But be careful, not every reusable bag is the same.  Many bags imported from China have been printed with lead inks, others have been shown to harbor bacteria, mould and other organisms.
Cotton bags, molded plastic carry crates, and natural fiber baskets do the job well – IF you remember to bring them into the store! (Be sure to wash your reusable items regularly.)
Find more resources that will help you take action now here.
Find environmental organizations to support here.

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