Be more green!

You can make a difference today!

Make many small changes to make one big change!

And you’ll save a lot!

Take action now!

Here’s one idea.

Use Public Transportation.    

Vacation time is coming and it’s time to plan your families next big getaway. The trouble is energy prices are through the roof and everyone’s interested in saving money.  Here’s a way to save money, create jobs, and help the environment at the same time.

Use Public Transportation.

Using Public transportation is a cost saver and a green lifestyle for not only your daily work commute but  can also make your next vacation a healthy, cost saving adventure.

Here are a few interesting Public Transportation facts.  if used, Public Transportation can save the average household upwards of $8,400 a  year.   It’s estimated that public transportation saved more than 640 million gallons of oil last year just based on the reduction of congestion.

According to, The United States dependency on foreign oil supplies would decrease by 40 percent if just one in 10 Americans used public transportation. And economically?… public transportation employs approximately 400,000 people and is a $54 billion dollar industry.  Not to mention all commuters that have the ability to work due to the availability of buses, trains, and subways.

And…. we haven’t even yet discussed the health benefits of taking public transportation!  Many studies have shown that the average American walks 6 minutes a day.  Public transportation users walk an average of 19 minutes a day, very close to the  target health incentive of 22 minutes per day.   It’s safer to take public transportation.  Public Transportation has a lower fatality rate per passenger mile than car travel as Public Transportation users tend to drive less frequently,  drive at reduced speeds and are less likely to engage in high risk driving.  Riding a bus is 79 times safer than riding in an automobile, and riding a train or subway is even safer.

And then there is the  basic enjoyment of it. You have no worries about where to park your car, get gas, or pay tolls.  No worries about your children getting to tired to walk… just grab the next bus or nearest subway.  See the sites, take a long walk and still be near a conveniently situated bus stop or subway.

So why not plan to use it on your next vacation to a new city, region, or country?  It’s a great way to see how the locals live, to enjoy the pace of your new vacationland.    Get out from behind the wheel, enjoy the sites and plan a safe, happy, healthy vacation.

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