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Helicon Focus from ( is the ultimate software for focus stacking (increasing depth of field by combining focus bracketed exposures) offering an unparalleled level of precision with a minimum amount of artifacting.
Key features include …
The controls on this tab defines how adjacent images in the stack should be adjusted. Read more…
Enhanced Lanczos Resampling
Helicon Focus 4.0.1 introduced new enhanced Lanczos resampling which preserves more details during image alignment process.
Need to copy focused areas from the manually selected source images to the resulting image, clone any areas on resulting image from one place to another.
Cleaning Dust Artifact
Special function in helicon Focus to remove black points from the images caused by dust on the sensor or dust in the optical system of the microscope.
Micro Panorama
Micro panorama function is designed to stitch images made through the microscope.
Helicon 3D Viewer
Helicon 3D Viewer is a free utility to manipulate 3D models produced by Helicon Focus.
Read more here.
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