• johnpaulcaponigro

    28.08.2008 at 07:31 Reply

    Martin’s book Photoshop for Photographers has been the definitive comprehensive resource for photographers for years. His Lightroom book is fast becoming the same.

  • Craig Lewis

    30.08.2008 at 18:41 Reply

    John Paul, I don’t understand why you recommended Scott Kelby’s book first. While Scott is a best-selling author and has done many great things for the digital photography community, I think he spends too much time in his books trying to be cute and not enough time on the meat of the matter. For me, Martin’s books are always my first choice. I had Martin’s book on “pre-order” at Amazon and received it shortly after it was published. It’s my primary resource for LR2 information and for preparing for the LR 2 ACE exam.

  • johnpaulcaponigro

    31.08.2008 at 10:30 Reply

    Scott eases you into the subject. For those who are relatively new to Lightroom Scott’s is a good starting point that can be cruised through easily and quickly. Martin goes into much more detail and his book warrants more time. It’s time well spent. So for those who want to ease into the subject, read Scott. For those who want to jump in, read Martin.

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