Enjoy this collection of quotes by photographer Fredrick Sommer.

“The only way to understand something is to be confronted by something that is difficult to understand.” – Frederick Sommer

“Everything is shared by everything else; there are no discontinuities.” – Frederick Sommer

“The coherent way of investigating any field is to examine its possible relatedness to other things.” – Frederick Sommer

“Photography is a distributive act leading to a privileged condition.” – Frederick Sommer” – Fred Sommer

“Life itself is not the reality. We are the ones who put life into stones and pebbles.” – Frederick Sommer

“Some speak of a return to nature. I wonder where they could have been.” – Frederick Sommer

“… art is images you carry. You cannot carry nature with you, but you carry images of nature. When you go out to make a picture you find you are moved by something which is in agreement with an image you already held within yourself.” – Frederick Sommer

“The field of action of a photograph should be that chessboard of the heart and mind upon which poetry and art have always operated.” – Frederick Sommer

“My photographs are not pure: they are a seething wealth of imperfection.” – Frederick Sommer

“Poetic and speculative photographs can result if one works carefully and accurately, yet letting chance relationships have full play.” – Frederick Sommer

“If I could find them (assemblages) in nature I would photograph them. I make them because through photography I have a knowledge of things that can’t be found.” – Frederick Sommer

“Art is not arbitrary. A fine painting is not there by accident; it is not arrived at by chance.” – Frederick Sommer

“Art and accident are one.” – Frederick Sommer

“Choice and chance structure art and nature.” – Frederick Sommer

“Ideas and thoughts collide and sort themselves out in these fruitful collisions.” – Frederick Sommer

“Ideas and art are the possibility of an answer tomorrow.” – Frederick Sommer

“Art accepts what it finds.” – Frederick Sommer

“In total acceptance, almost everything becomes a revelation.” – Frederick Sommer

“Art is the splendor of reality before everything has become meaning.” – Frederick Sommer

“Reality is greater than our dreams.” – Frederick Sommer

“We work for that part of our vision which is uncompleted.” – Frederick Sommer

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